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Alberto Cigada - Lab Director

Alberto Cigada was born on 20th August 1948; he graduated in Chemical Engineer at the Politecnico di Milano, he is now Full Professor in Materials Science and Technology at the same university. He holds different positions: Director of the Chemistry, Materials, Chemical Engineer “Giulio Natta” Department at the Politecnico di Milano; President of the Italian Society for Biomaterials; Secretary of the Interuniversities Center for Research on Biomaterials and for Biomedical Engineer (CIRMIB); Editor of the International Journal of Biomaterials & Biomechanics. His field of study concerns: relationships between microstructure and properties of materials; corrosion and protection of metallic materials; materials for biomedical use (biomimetic and antibacterial treatments of titanium and its alloys;- Ti-Ni shape memory alloys; UHMWPE reticulation processes for articular prosthetic; bone cements).

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Maria Cristina Tanzi - Lab Director

Maria Cristina Tanzi was born in Milano, October 31st, 1951. She took her Master Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutics at Milano University, 1975 (110/110 with honour). She was Assistant Professor of Applied Chemistry at the Industrial Chemistry Dept. (1980-89) and at the Bioengineering Dept. (1990-1998) of Politecnico di Milano. Starting November, 1998 she is Associate Professor of Chemical Bioengineering (SD ING/IND-34) at the Bioengineering Dept. of Politecnico di Milano, teaching Biomaterials at the Master of Biomedical Engineering (up to 2002-03), Fundaments of Chemical Bioengineering (Undergraduate level), Bioartificial and Biomimetic Structures (new Master Degree). She has published more than 100 scientific papers. Her research interests include synthesis, characterisation and properties of polymeric materials, with special reference to biomaterials. She is author of 10 Italian Patents and 8 International Patents on monomers and polymers for environmental, pharmaceutical and biomedical application

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Carmen Giordano - Lab Manager

CARMEN GIORDANO was born in Naples in 1971. She has graduated in chemist specialized in organic/biologic chemistry in the 1998 at Università degli studi di Napoli “Federico II” where she has also got a Ph.D. in Biomaterials in the 2002. She has research experience, gained both in Italian and in foreign laboratories, in the field of chemical-physical and biological evaluation of polymeric matrix based composites for biomedical applications. Currently she is assistant professor of Politecnico di Milano where she researches in the field of the in vitro biological response of materials and prosthetic devices, also based on biological elements. She is author of 14 international publications covering different aspects of biomedical field and more than 25 communications to international conferences.

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