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BioCell Project

The main research activity of the Biocompatibility and Cell culture laboratory (BioCell) concerns the in vitro assessment of the cellular response to novel materials for biomedical applications. and analysing both qualitatively and quantitatively the most relevant aspects of the specific cellular metabolic activity, such as: adhesion, proliferation, specific metabolic activity . The evaluation will be performed using suitable in vitro models: the tests will be carried out using appropriate human or animal cell lines and following the guidelines proposed in the current European normative EN30993 for the biological in vitro evaluation of potential medical devices. The laboratory has been equipped with the facilities commonly used in cell biology labs supplied in particular with: multimode (absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence) microplate reader with control and data reduction software; inverted light microscope; light electrophysiology microscope with fluorescence supplied with a videocamera for the digital acquisition of images; Multi Electrode Array for membrane potential analysis; electrophoresis equipped with transilluminator. BioCell can also use the environmental scanning electron microscope and the atomic force microscope units installed at SAMM, Section for Material Microstructural Analysis, also located in the Campus “Mancinelli”.