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Surface modification treatment were considered to reduce the bacteria adhesion and proliferation on implantable biomaterials


Chemical and electrochemical treatments on titanium and titanium alloys are developed to induce antibacteric effects. The modification of the surface topography and oxide film composition and structure was shown to be capable to decrease the adhesion and proliferation of several bacteria cell lines. Such strategy, based on the metal oxide modification without any antibiotic use, may contribute to decrease the in situ septic problems of implantable devices and prostheses, without and detrimental effect induced by antibiotic use.


B. Del Curto, M.F. Brunella, C. Giordano, MP. Pedeferri, V.Valtulina, L.Visai, A. Cigada Decreased bacterial adhesion to surface treated titanium The International Journal of Artificial Organs , Vol 28, no.7, 2005, pp.716-730


Roberto Chiesa


University of Pavia